Beauty Mark logo redesign

Beauty Mark, a luxury skincare spa located in Camden, Maine, was in need of a brand refresh. Using the inspiration board posted below, we ran in the direction of painterly scripts, in order to differentiate Beauty Mark from the sanserif-saturated spa industry. The elements of this mark- the condensed letter forms, the imperfect line quality, the quick, tapered swashes of the B and the Y- all work together to say "sexy, sophisticated & modern." The ink spot rounds out the logo as the literal beauty mark. In the print materials, we combined the painterly logo with an elegant serif type and pink watercolor motifs, creating a unique and identifiable brand language. As a designer, you cannot ask for anything better than a creative client who fully trusts your design expertise, and that was my experience with Beauty Mark, making it one of my favorite projects to date. See this logo and more of my favorites here.

inspiration gathering

A large portion of my design process is spent seeking out sources of inspiration. I keep a library of inspiration always, but when tasked with creating a new logo or a brand refresh for a client- I hit the ground running finding what's out there in the client's industry, and what their competition is up to. From the research stage, I develop a few design directions that will allow the brand to stand out from the noise- not succumb to it- and that's where the inspiration hunt begins. For Beauty Mark, a luxury skincare spa located in Camden, Maine, we wanted to break away from the clean, minimal sans-serif look that is often associated with the beauty industry and create a logo mark that was sexier, had personality, and that would ultimately be unique. We set our hearts on painted scripts and used the inspiration board above to guide the design. You can see the final logo here or check out the next post.

Now inside Inc. magazine!

Build, the catalog of middle market management insights, that I've been apart of from its founding in 2011, is now a pillar of Inc. magazine. The Build section debuted in this November issue of Inc. (pick it up on newsstands now!). Still packed with the same relevant and applicable advice, the section will now have a larger reach and broader impact under the Inc. title. A special thanks to the talented Ben Wiseman, Todd Detwiler and Jorg Meyer for their artistic contributions this issue!

Whitten Architects Website Redesign

The Portland, Maine based firm, Whitten Architects, has been specializing in site specific and sustainable architecture for over 20 years. Their portfolio is incredible and they needed a site that could communicate just that. I loved working with these talented guys, alongside Steve Pogson at, to maximize visual space for their fantastic imagery. Beyond the grand showcase of images, we also addressed navigation issues (do you love the disappearing nav?), we created a clear process breakdown in their approach section, and developed their blog to allow for flexibility of posts to highlight how dynamic these guys are (I love their travel sketches). Spend some time pining away at their projects-

10 YEAR high school reunion invitation

My 10 year high school reunion was just a few weeks ago and although I missed it, I DID design the invitation for it. Locating my old yearbook for this took some time, but probably not as much time as flipping through it. My conclusion: I think they should ban personal senior write ups!